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Marudhar Chemicals is among the leading companies in the space of wood and metal coating chemicals based in Jodhpur. Since inception it is serving the Indian Handicraft Industry.

The company makes both solvent and water based lacquers, sealers and stains. Other products include wax polish, tannin & rust inhibitors, rust protector, finishing oils, glaze finishes, eco-friendly wood preservative, etc. The company has worked closely with its customers with a consultative approach and helped them to achieve  required finishes as per their customer needs.

Dr. D S Mittal, Ex Prof. & head Chemistry department and Principal LM College of Science & Technology, an avid researcher has been the brain behind the company. For his strong hold in applied chemistry Dr. Mittal has been guiding technically  Textile, Mineral and Handicraft industry over last 40 years. Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit, he along with Mr. Girish Mittal founded Marudhar Chemicals in the year 2000. 16 years back when only finish available in the handicraft industry was PP ( Potassium permanganate) along with Wax polish which had drawbacks of dust catching, finger print formation and finish turning white in winter season. Dr. Mittal spotted the need for more sophisticated furniture finishes and developed wax polishes, stains along with sealer and lacquer finishing system. Again 8 years back Dr. Mittal developed Iron based finish (Rust Protector RP). Both these developments resulted in opening up new growth opportunities for the handicraft industry. You can expect more such developments in the near future to bring out revolution and create new avenues for growth.

The company has established its reputation of being dedicated to provide quality products and exceptional service to its customers. It sets itself apart by investing in R&D and introducing path breaking innovative coating technology which is un-parallel in the country. With quality product and commitment to serve its customers it is currently serving over 300 small and large handicraft companies across the country.

Our Products Include

Wax Polish  // Acrylic Lacquer  // PU Lacquer and Thinner // Rust Protector (RP)  // Metal Patina  // Finishing Oils //Corrosion Inhibitor//Water Based Lacquers and Sealers//Tannin Inhibitors  // Wood Preservative etc.

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0291- 2741 060, 6061 060, +91 98676 40339