Timber Lock - TL

Timber Lock enhances natural look of the wood and reduces surface defects such as yellow and black patches in Mango wood to a certain extent. Babool ( Acacia) wood after application of Timber Lock does not turn red on exposure to light. Timber Lock reacts with the tannin of the wood and modifies the wood surface structure.

For white and color distemper finishes, yellow tannin color from Mango wood and brown tannin color from the Babool or Teak penetrates the finish and comes to the surface either immediately or with time. Timber Lock acts on the tannin blocker and makes it completely insoluble hence the color does not come to the surface.


Timber Lock is also useful for outdoor furniture as it provides dimensional stability to the wood making the wood virtually water resistant. Wood will not crack or swell in humid conditions.




water resistant

Tannin blocker

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