Metal Protection and Finishes

RP ( Rust Protector)  from Marudhar Chemicals is a flexible solvent based polyurethane (PU) coating for a very durable and color fast finish on metal. It provides a durable, non - yellowing protection that resist corrosion and tarnishing.

Main benefits of RP are

1. Very durable and chemical resistant.

2. UV resistant.

3. Easy to clean.

4. Suitable for humid and moist conditions.

5. Flexible and impact resistant.

It comes in below variants

RP Clear
RP Black *
RP Brown
RP Rustic
RP Blue
RP Dark Grey

* Based on the darkness required, RP Black comes with various concenttation namely RP6 / RP100/ RP75 / RP50/ RP35/ RP25/ RP15

Rust Protector and Cleaning (RPC)

It helps you to treat already rusted iron products. You can clean with Phosphoric acid, remove acid with water, apply Rust Protector than wipe. Alternatively, you can remove rust by scraping and post that apply Rust Protector and wipe. It comes in two variants

RPC 2 - for heavy rust removal

RPC 4 - for light rust removal

blue chair

Flexible & impact resistant

UV resistant

Durable & chemical resistant

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