Complete water based finishing system

Looking into the health and environment risks involved in the usage of solvent based finishing chemicals along with VOC content compliance regulations becoming stricter in the Western world , Marudhar Chemicals developed Lacquer, Sealer and stains which are water based. These are less toxic and more environment friendly.

Gone are the days when you can achieve the desired top coat hardness with only solvent based chemicals. In times to come water based finishing chemicals will become a norm than a choice. If you are new to water based finishing systems and want to know more about how to achieve necessary finishes using water based lacquer, sealers and stains reach across to us..

Lacquer Water Based (WB)

Water based lacquer from Marudhar Coating is a high performing clear finish that provides superior clarity and hardness. Designed for interior use on furniture, it exhibits very good water and chemical resistance and dries rapidly. It has illustrated superior performance to solvent based lacquers, providing improved stack times and hardness. Water based lacquer is VOC-compliant, low odor and not inflammable. It is self-sealing, however water based sealer is recommended for optimum quality finish.

It is available in Matt and Gloss finish.

Sealer Water Based ( WB)

Water based sealer from Marudhar Chemicals is a high quality sealer that provides excellent protection from demanding wood applications. Designed as a sealer base coat for all water base top coats, it provides excellent adhesion, water and chemical resistance. Water sealer is high solids, build rapidly and dries fast to form a hard durable base coat. It sands easily with minimum effort. It is non flammable, low odor and cleans up with soap and water.

The product is designed to be used with all general finishing water borne topcoats. The same can be used with most water base and solvent based stains. It is suitable for natural finished as it done not cause any coloring of wood.

Acacia Sealer Water Based

Acacia sealer is a water based sealer specially to be used for Acacia / Babool wood.

Polyurethane Lacquer (PU) Water Based

PU lacquer water based produces the hardest, most durable finish on wood. They are repeating chains of polymers which when exposed to air becomes a super hard transparent material. The color of the wood does not change and so is suitable for natural finish.

PU water based lacquer is easy to use, one pack with high quality and excellent durability. They are suitable for interior use furniture applications.

It is available in Matt and Gloss finish.

Stains Water Based

We supply water based stains for all color shades as per the buyer specification and requirement.

Shellac Water Based ( Lakh Dana)

Lacquer word originates from Sanskrit Laksha or Lakh. Shellac has been used as a natural protective coating since last 300 years. Marudhar Chemicals provide water soluble shellac for natural finish coat which is of food grade. Shellac functions as a tough natural primer, sanding sealant and tannin blocker. It provides water proofing to the wood.

Natural color of wood is maintained on application of Shellac water based coat.

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