Sheesham wood look on Babool ( Acacia) wood

With restrictions on the export of Sheesham wood a lot of buyers are looking for Sheesham finish on Babool wood.

Yes, now it is possible. You cannot make out the difference !

Procedure –

Step 1

Prepare Babool surface by sanding with 80 and 120 grid sand paper.

Step 2

After sanding with 120 grid paper, apply Timber Tone (TT) with cloth or brush on the red portion of the Babool wood and leave it for 2 hours. TT will react with the tannin present in Babool wood, it will modify the tannin structure and make it similar to the Sheesham wood after complete drying.

On the light portion of Babool, apply TP1 ( Timber Protector) in ratio 1:2; dry and sand. Apply stain on the light portion of the wood as being done currently.


Do last sanding with 220/320 grid paper to cut the raised grains and make the surface smooth.


Step 3 

Apply water based sealer and let it dry for 2-3 hours and sand it.


Step 4

Apply Acrylic Matt 2 lacquer or as per the final finish required.

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Babool wood before application
Babool wood after application
( Sheesham look)

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