Color Wood Stains (Solvent based)

Marudhar Chemicals is pioneer in developing wood stains in the country 14 years back. We work closely with customers to achieve required finishes. 

Some of the popular wood stains with us are as below. Besides, for large requirements the company works with customer  team to develop new and matching wood stains.

Walnut / New Walnut

SL Black



SL Blue Grey

Glaze Finishes

Glaze finishes are used to create grain localized effect and feathering effect in wood and metal. We provide various glaze finishes. Some of them are

- Black

- Olive

- Brown 

Metal Patina Finishes

Patina finishes supplied by Marudhar Chemicals are ready to use metal coating in acrylic lacquer base.  Patina allows you to achieve metallic finishes through a ready to use spray-able solution vs electroplating process which takes more time and cost. Poplular Patinas supplied by us are

- Patina Brass

- Patina Copper

- Patina Silver

- Patina Nickel

Corrosion Inhibitor CI-1

CI - 1, is a solvent based corrosion inhibitor that provides protection to Iron and Nickel plated products against rusting. Post electroplating, in joints and welding surfaces the plating is poor. Such places rust is formed especially in humid conditions. CI 1 prevents any rusting on the surface. Once the product is dipped in CI 1, no further lacquer coating is required.

Durable & chemical resistant

glaze cabinet
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