Wax Polish

Waxsil Liquid Polish

Waxsil is a liquid Bees-Wax Polish that produces a natural look and feel and is used as a top coat on finished wood. Waxsil combines a rich concentration of Pure Bees Wax in a low odor formula to create a classic polish, which does not finger print. Waxsil is easy to apply and buff, leaving behind the surface with a beautiful finish. It does not attract dust with the residue that most other wax polish leaves behind. It is recommended for wood and metal surfaces.

Waxsil New

Waxsil New has all the properties of Waxsil but is odorless.

Waxsil Matt

Waxsil Matt gives a  smooth matt finish.

Wax Stick - filler for wood cracks

Wax Sticks are perfect for filling nail holes, knot holes, deep scratches, cracks, gouges, poor miters and other minor imperfections in wood and wood furniture. Wax sticks come in selected wood tones that may be blended together to create your own custom color filler. They are referred to wood repair wax sticks.

They can be used without heating ( and as such do not expand or shrink) which makes them perfect repair and wood finishing tool.

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